By Christopher

Any Reason Every Season

Great ingredients are at the very essence of our cooking, black trumpets, saffron, Jerusalem artichokes, blood oranges. When designing a new canapé it must taste sensational and look amazing, it needs a balanced depth of flavour with the seasoning added subtly. It must invoke intrigue and should certainly never disappoint.

Here at By Christopher we have a great passion for food and it’s creation; as the butter just foams in a hot pan, that’s when you add the mushrooms, as the juice from the loin of cod bleeds saffron’s inky orange, that’s when the flakes are just set and its out of the oven.

A passion for the moment too, like slowly pulling the long cork from an 89 Pontet Canet while eyeing up the marbling of your trimmed rib eye off the bone just waiting for the hiss as it hits the hot grill pan, searing, grilling eventually resting and then the eating.

This is the passion we apply to every aspect of our events, it is something we are proud of and keen to maintain. From the out set we are forth coming with our knowledge and expertise and will work with you from start to finish to present the perfect event for any reason, every season.
Whatever your occasion, Old Worleys can recommend a selection of the finest and best equipped caterers.
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