Helen Scholfield

I am a gardener who loves nothing more than growing beautiful country flowers. My garden, and the hedgerows that surround it, are a constant supply of inspiration to me.

I have no formal training in floristry but over the years I have spent more and more time planting, to create bouquets and arrangements with colours that are gentle on the eye and scents that will linger in the air. Romantic and sensual!

Narcissi, honeysuckle, sweetpeas, roses and lilacs, not forgetting the heady fragrance of those wonderful herbs lavender, rosemary and thyme, hugged with frothy cow parsley from the hedge rows, are simple and very pretty. Stately delphiniums with their amazing shades of deep blue to the softest pink with blowsy hydrangeas will always catch the eye, and are stunning in any arrangement.

Time is one thing I will always have for people who love flowers. I would love to share my passion with you, and sprinkle your day with a little of my love.

Choose from the finest pick of local florists to put the finishing touches on your special day.
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